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Build-A-Bear Oklahoma City


As a Care Bear Ambassador we were invited to Build-A-Bear to check out their fun new Care Bear characters.  We are a huge fan of Build-A-Bear already in our family and we were super excited to see the new Care Bears!!


We decided to visit the Build-A-Bear in Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City.  We have been to this Build-A-Bear in the past so we were super impressed with their newly remolded store.  Especially the new fluff machine!! Before they had the large square one along the wall now it’s a giant tornado of fluff right in the middle of the store.


Of course our favorite part though is making those fun little characters come to life!  Build-A-Bear is so wonderful the way they stir the imagination of children.  My daughter loves the Build-A-Bear ceremony no matter how many times she does it.


Location:  Located in Penn Square Mall.  A great location when traveling with the family because you can visit other stores, there are plenty of food locations, and even a movie theater.  Penn Square is in a very central part of Oklahoma City on Northwest Expressway.  Very easy to get to and right in the heart of the city.  A very developed area with lots of food and retail options around.

Entertainment Value:  My seven year old loves Build-A-Bear.  It’s a fun little project that doesn’t take a ton of time.  It is an event though, from picking the bear, to filling it, and then picking out clothing and finally dressing it.  The Build-A-Bear experience is a lot of fun.  I will say though as a family with a wide range of ages this is more fun for my younger child, however my fifteen year old does get excited about making them as well.

Price:  The good thing about Build-A-Bear is that they have included a range of products that can fit a variety of budgets.  We spent $30 while we were at Build-A-Bear that included the bear, an outfit, and a pair of shoes.  Of course if you get carried away (which can be easy to do because everything is adorable) then your experience may be very different. We did notice though while we were there that they had a sale for buy 1 get one free on certain characters if you have more then one child this could be a great option.

Customer Service:  We really enjoyed our trip.  There were two staff members present during our visit.  Both very friendly and helpful.  The young lady that helped us build our bear was very nice and you could tell she enjoyed doing her job.

Overall we had a great time and experience at Build-A-Bear in Oklahoma City.

While we didn’t make a Care Bear we did see them while they were there and they were adorable.  Really brought me back to my childhood of watching Care Bears on TV every Saturday morning.

Location Address: Penn Square Mall 1901 NW Expressway Oklahoma City, Ok.

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm Sunday 10am-6pm

I received a free promotional card in exchange for my review and participation in the Care Bear Ambassador program.  My opinions though are solely my own.


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