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The Main Event-Oklahoma City


We recently visited a new family friendly venue in Oklahoma City called The Main Event.  Founded in Texas in 1998, The Main Event is a well established entertainment venue but relatively new to Oklahoma City.  The Main Event has branches in several states now including  Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma & Tennessee.

The Main Event is a bowling-anchored entertainment center but also includes arcade games, laser tag, a ropes course, and more.  The Oklahoma City location is full of really fun and entertaining arcade games, laser tag, bowling, pool tables, and a ropes course that runs across the ceiling of the building.  It looks kinda scary but is completely safe using safety harnesses to keep you safe while walking across the different ladders and bridges.

During our visit we had a great time playing arcade games.  The kids played using a little gift card that they swipe to redeem for plays.  If they win tickets they are automatically attached to the card (great idea because I know I always end up holding the tickets when we have visited other arcade venues).

So here is our review:

Location: It is located in the north part of Oklahoma City.  It’s pretty easy to and quick to get to depending on which area you are coming from.  There is a toll road between I35 and where it is located so you will need to bring some change with you to use on your way there.  This area of OKC is an up and coming area, there are a ton of shopping & eating establishments near by.

Entertainment Value: There is a ton to do. We could be busy for hours and hours at this place.  From bowling, to pool tables, to video games, they have it all covered. It’s also great if your family is like ours and has a wide range of ages.  My 19 year old loved it and spent tons of time playing basketball games and laser tag.  My 7 year old loved it too and they have a huge variety of games and attractions to fit all ages (even adults).

Price:  This is a tough one.  I find a lot of times that these place are overpriced in general so I try to compare it to places we have been that are very similar to offer a comparison.  I find that The Main Event tends to be higher in general compared to other venues.  The bowling was about $45 for a family of five for one hour.  Video games ranged from $1.25-$1.75 per play.  We had a $25 gift card and the kids used it up in about a 25 minute period of time mostly playing video games.

If you are a frugal family though I would suggest going on Monday nights during the summer they have some specials where you can play unlimited games for $9.95 and they have another special for unlimited attractions for $9.95.  With these deals you can spend an entire afternoon or night easily and not break the bank.  Also we discovered that they do not charge for pool tables so if you love to play pool this is the place for you! You can play all day for free!  Check out the Monday Night Specials Here!

Food: I can’t really review the food because we did not eat while we were there but I thought it was worth mentioning that they have a couple of options for food while you are there.  Including a pizza place called La Bella’s with a great variety on the menu and they even have a full bar.

Customer Service:  We found the staff to be very pleasant.  We were greeted with a very happy hello and a friendly staff member who spent some time explaining for us how everything worked since we had never been there.  I also was impressed with the bar tender who came to check on me and see if I needed anything when I sat down at a table clear across the bar area.  I was just resting but he was very friendly and we had a good chat about our days.  Everyone we encountered was very helpful and focused on our comfort as customers.

Overall we were very happy with The Main Event.  We hope to return soon.  We definitely liked that they have options for the more frugal families (like us with our large family of five).

Located at: 1441 W. Memorial Road Oklahoma City, OK 73114

Hours: Monday 9am-2am, Tues-Thursday 9am-12am, Fri & Sat 9am-2am, Sunday 9am-12am

Helpful Hint: Check out their website. You can see if they are closed for events ahead of time so you don’t get there and find out they are closed and you can also reserve lanes for bowling in advance so you don’t have to wait for an open lane.

We received a promotional balance in exchange for an honest review.  However, my opinions are solely my own.


2 thoughts on “The Main Event-Oklahoma City

  1. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun there! It sounds like there is a ton of fun stuff in one place. Too bad there isn’t one in FL.


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