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Frontier City-Oklahoma City


We just spent the day riding rides and enjoying some great shows at Frontier City in Oklahoma City.  A great theme park set in the old wild west, Frontier City has a ton of family fun to offer.  With tons of rides, daily shows, and a splash zone Frontier City really has it all!  Of course the rides were a huge hit with our family.

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The new ride for 2016 is called the Gunslinger.  It’s the wildest thrill ride in the West will flip, twist, and spin riders in a dizzying 60-foot rise and descent. With two motor controlled rotations and a third driven only by gravity, it’s an experience unlike any other!


Frontier City is a great place to go if you have a wide range of ages in your family.  My kids are spread out from age 7-adulthood so it is hard sometimes to find an event that will entertain them all.  Frontier city has some great fast-paced thrill rides but they also have some great rides for the little ones that are a little more relaxed but still tons of fun!

The rides are super fun but that is not all they have to offer.  Frontier City also has a bunch of shows throughout the park.  Including a great Magic Show.  It was really good, the tricks were theatrical and the assistants were so much fun to watch dance.  My seven year old really loved the show.  They also featured an old west gun show.  They explain the ins and outs of the show and stunt work.  Plus they blow up a well and everyone gets drenched!  We didn’t catch the Industrial Movement show but it features some great non-traditional drumming and music.  There is also a circus show and a show in one of the saloons.  For us it was a great way to get indoors in the middle of the day in the air conditioning and see a great fun show.

The entire park features some great scenery from the wild west, you really start to feel like you are in an old west movie after awhile.  My seven year old had a great time playing inside some of the buildings along the way.  They were all open so they could go inside and explore.

So here is our Review:

Location: Located right off of I-35.  It’s on the north side of Oklahoma City so depending on which area you are coming from you may have to come across town but it’s really easy to get to.  Just an exit right off the interstate.

Entertainment Value:  Frontier City is full of entertainment.  It really has something for everyone.  We love that they had a kid section and it was secluded away from the main park.  My seven year old spent a lot of time in there.  My teens had a blast on the roller coasters, water rides, and more fast paced thrill rides.  They also have a great little water splash pad that they can play in to cool off.  All of the shows offer some nice breaks throughout the day. They even have concerts scheduled throughout the summer.  Tons of fun!


Any Day Admission:

  • $38.99 General Admission Guest 48″ & Taller
  • $30.99 Junior Admission – Guest Under 48″
  •  Children 2 and under are FREE 
  •  $30.99 Senior Admission – Guests 62 and Older
  •  $26.99 Military Admission (valid for Military ID holder only)
  •  $47.00 Two Park Ticket (One day admission to Frontier City and White Water Bay)
  •  $8.00 One Day Parking
  •  Children 2 and under are Free

 Monday thru Friday Admission:     

  • $36.99 General Admission Guests 48” & Taller
  • $28.99 Junior Admission Guest Under 48″
  • Children 2 and under are FREE
  • $28.99 Senior Admission – Guests 62 and Older
  • $24.99 Military Admission (valid for Military ID holder only)
  • $47.00 Two Park Ticket (One day admission to Frontier City and White Water Bay)
  • $8.00 One Day Parking
  • Children 2 and under are Free

They also have some deals going on.  We got a daily admission for $19.99 by ordering online and going during the week.  They also offer deals on season passes and since they are partners with White Water Bay (a water park) you can get discount tickets for both venues.  Everything is included in the price of your admission, so unlimited rides and all the shows and attractions.

When it comes to food and drinks  as always I feel like they are very pricey.  I’m always trying to be frugal so we packed some things and left them in the car, the kids went out and had a snack mid day.  They allow you to bring water in the park so I packed about six bottles in my bag and brought them with us.  They do offer free ice and ice water at all the stands as well.  Since it was so hot I really wanted the kids to drink water anyways.

Food:  The have a ton of food options. Check them all out HERE!  There are lots of stands throughout the park and a few restaurants as well.  You can eat an entire meal or just have snacks and a drink.  They offer a huge variety.  They also offer meal plans we noticed some signs up in the park.  They have a special deal on cups as well that allow you to get $.99 refills.

Customer Service:  I noticed they really do a great job hiring their staff. There is a huge presence of staff throughout the park.  Every staff member we encountered was very friendly and helpful.

Overall we were very happy with Frontier City.  We really enjoyed our day.  The kids didn’t want to leave when it was time to go either.  The day we went the lines were short which made the day very enjoyable, the kids pretty much got to ride every ride immediately when they got in line.  Really helped keep them from getting cranky.  It was a great family fun day.  Everyone found things they enjoyed.

Located at 11501 N I-35 Service Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73131

Hours: It’s best to check the website, they have a calendar with listed hours.

Weekdays 10:30am-7pm up until August 12th then it is 10:30am-6pm.  On Weekends it is 10:30am-11pm on Saturdays & 10:30am-8pm on Sundays.  After August 17th they are closed during the week and only open on Weekends.  The park closes for the season on October 30th after their Halloween event.

Helpful Hints from a Mom:  Bring a large bag to put things in (like stuffed animals won at the games).  Pack some water (don’t pay a bunch for it just bring with you), if it gets hot they give out free ice at the vendors.  You can leave the park and come back in, just get your hand stamped.  So put an ice chest in the car and plan a snack time. Bring towels and have your kiddos wear their bathing suits under their clothing.  Pack some flip flops for when they go on the water rides or in the water park portion.  That way their tennis shoes and socks don’t get wet and give them blisters.  Go to the shows in the middle of the afternoon when it’s really hot and you need a break, the buildings are air conditioned.

We received promotional tickets in exchange for an honest review.  However, my opinions are solely my own.


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