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Celebration Station-Oklahoma City


While in Oklahoma City we stayed in a hotel off of I40 and right on the corner of where we were staying was this great little arcade attraction called Celebration Station.  Very easy to get to and full of fun and adventure.  Celebration Station actually has locations in not only Oklahoma but also Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, & Texas.  Celebration Station features a great arcade as well as some really fun attractions like batting cages, go carts, bumper boats, and mini golf.

All the attractions are featured outside on their fun campus.  They have really taken some time to make the outside look really nice.  My seven year old loved the waterfalls in the decor!


Inside they have food, an arcade, and even some pool tables.  The kids had a blast playing the arcade games to earn points they cashed in for prizes.  The games were fun, lots of noise and lights.  They would have spent hours probably but the attractions were calling their names!

They also have a great food bar.  We actually went in the evening and had a pizza and played some games.  They had a great deal that included a large pizza, a pitcher of soda, $15 in arcade game plays, and 4 all day passes for unlimited attractions.  The pizza was great, however it was hard to tear them away from the fun long enough to eat some.


Our Review:

Location:  It is conveniently located right off of I40 on the west side of Oklahoma City.  As I mentioned we were staying in a hotel on that side of OKC so it was right there next to our hotel.  Actually I noticed there were a ton of hotels all around it as well as other establishments like restaurants and it is even really close to the airport.

Entertainment Value: There is a ton of stuff to do at Celebration Station.  As I mentioned above there is an arcade and several different attractions.  Our family is really spread out in ages, going from age 7 to 19 so it is often hard to find a venue that they will all like.  However they all had fun here.  They even had different levels of go carts so my seven year old cold do the smaller ones geared toward younger children and my teenagers and my biggest child (my husband) could go do the faster ones.  They all had a great time and there were no moments of boredom the entire night.  We were there around four hours, and only left because they were closing.

Price:  Depending on what you would like to do, it can add up quickly.  The arcade is probably the area I would say costs the most because the games are quick and they quickly go through the money.  The attractions you can pay for one play or you can get a day pass that allows you to do them as much as you like (which in my opinion is the best deal).  The only thing the passes do not include is the batting cages.  We got the $15 game play for the arcade which I let them use while we waited for our pizza and they used it up in about 20 minutes or so.  The attractions though they did all night for about four hours and had a blast.  They have lots of specials on their website that makes it a little bit more affordable.  As I mentioned we did The Best Family Plan and it worked out great for us. The food is reasonable and many of the plans include food which is nice.

Food: They have a snack bar.  The main thing they sale is pizza, which is actually pretty good.  The kids really liked it and we had no left overs.  One large pizza fed our family of five.  They also have some other options like fries, chicken strips, and fair type foods like funnel cakes.  We also got a funnel cake which was super yummy.  It is a self-serve style, so you order then wait till it’s ready (they give you a buzzer which is nice so you know when to go pick it up), and they have a dining area you can sit in while eating.

Customer Service: Everyone we encountered was very friendly and helpful.  The young ladies at the ticket counter spent some time explaining the deals to us and answered all of our questions.  Spoke to several employees in the dining area as well that were very helpful helping us find things we needed like napkins and straws.  The employees running the rides were very nice and very focused on safety.

Overall we were very happy with Celebration Station.  It was a great place to stop by and have a meal and let the kids play for a few hours.

Located at 509 Westline Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Hours: Sun-Thurs    11am – 11pm Fri & Sat    11am-12am

Helpful Hints From a Mom: Look into the the day passes they have some great deals on those.  If you will be there for the day I would suggest packing some water so you don’t have to pay the higher prices.  The attractions are all out doors so in the summer it can be pretty hot.  We actually waited till night, they had a unlimited attraction discount for $15.99 from 8 until midnight.  It was cooler and the kids were able to ride a lot during the four hours.


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