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Oklahoma City Zoo


On our last day in Oklahoma City we just had to stop by The Oklahoma City Zoo!  We are animal loving people in this family so any chance we get to go see some animals we are always game.  We have actually been to the zoo a few times.  Living in Oklahoma and as I mentioned animal lovers it has been a place that we have visited in the past for family outings.  However, they have done a ton of updating since we visited last and we were super impressed with how great everything looked.  With over 19,000 species located in the zoo this is a great place to see a variety of animals.


We had a blast visiting the different exhibits.  There is a ton to see at The Oklahoma City Zoo.  We spent about five hours there and still only saw about half of the exhibits.  To really enjoy it I would schedule more then one day for sure.  Our favorite exhibits were the gorillas and the elephants.  We found us a buddy in the gorilla exhibit that was hanging out right by the window and it almost seemed like he could hear what the girls were saying.  His facial expressions were so funny. The girls spent a long time talking to him.  We also loved the elephants, I personally have always been an elephant lover, we found one that was a performer at heart.  She was in her exhibit swaying back and forth to her own little beat and even threw in some step touches every once in awhile. The girls thought it was so cute that she was dancing for them.

We also really enjoyed the fun interactive events throughout the park.  They have a lot of things set up during the day.  We only made it to a few but really enjoyed them.  The seven year old loved the explorikeet adventure where you can feed the parakeets nectar and they will actually land on you.  It’s really neat.  They had a great bridge where you could feed the ducks and fish, the seven year old spent a good deal of time throwing them some lunch (bird food). They also really enjoyed the Zookeeper talks, we caught one in the Cat Forrest that was really interesting and we learned all about the big cats.  There are ton of fun encounters though.  They are all listed on the website and there are signs displayed throughout the zoo that list the times and locations.

Not only is there great animals at The Oklahoma City Zoo but they are also a botanical garden.  The vegetation in the zoo is beautiful throughout the entire zoo.  Each exhibit has plants and vegetation that go with the theme of that exhibit.  For example we found tons of bamboo in the Cat Forrest.  The plants are just as fun to look at as the animals.  They have really done a great job making the scenery enjoyable.


We also really loved the statues they had scattered throughout the zoo.  It let you know what was coming up which was great.  The kids loved climbing on them and posing with them for pictures.


There is a ton of educational opportunities and programs set up throughout the zoo.  Zookeeper talks, educational programs, and we even found a small museum about the history of the zoo.  There is so much to learn while you are visiting.

We have a ton of pictures on our camera that we need to go through and edit.  I will ad a slide show to this once we get them edited.  These are just some fun pictures I took on my phone.

Our Review:

LocationThe Oklahoma City Zoo is conveniently located off of I-35 on the north side of Oklahoma City.  Very easy to get to.  Since I-35 goes right through Oklahoma City it’s easy to access and to get to the zoo just take the exit and follow the road to the entrance.  It is also right next to the science museum so you could easily visit both in one trip.  Also very close to Remington Park.

Entertainment Value:  Oh there is so much to see and learn.  As I mentioned we were there for five hours and didn’t even see half of the exhibits.  You could spend several days here and not get bored.  With the special events and educational programs they really add to your experience and even if you have seen it before give you a new and interesting look at the exhibits.

PriceThe Oklahoma City Zoo is very affordable.  It is one of our favorite things to do when we don’t have a lot to spend but want to have lots to do.  Adults are only $8 and kids are only $5.  They often have special days where they offer cheaper tickets, if you checkout their website and social media you can sometimes find a cheaper deal. I know we have gone in the past for only $1.  There are a bunch of interactive attractions that cost a little extra.  Usually around $3 per person.  You can check on the site which attractions cost extra.  Since we were trying to be frugal (since it was the end of our trip) we avoided a few exhibits that we knew would cost extra so we didn’t have any melt downs.  So you can really plan your trip around your price range too.  They have some rentals that cost extra if needed, we usually just bring our own wagon though to save a little.  They allow you to bring in outside food and drinks. So we load up an ice chest full of drinks and snacks and put it in the wagon as well.  It really is one of our favorite places for a budget friendly outing.

Food:  There are a few different restaurants and vendors throughout the park.  You can find just about anything you would like.  Lots of snack type foods and quick and convenient meals.  Of course ice cream and cold drinks.  If you have a big family like ours it can get expensive so we usually skip the concessions.  As I mentioned they allow you to bring in coolers so that’s what we do.  Kids never really mind and don’t even ask for the concession stands.  Of course if it’s in your budget the concessions are a great convenient option if you don’t want to bother with a cooler.

Customer Service:  We are always so impressed with the staff at The Oklahoma City Zoo.  They are all so knowledgeable.  Very friendly and also willing to answer questions and offer assistance.  Every staff member we encountered was helpful, asked if we needed anything, and answered any questions my kiddos threw at them.  Great customer service.

Overall we were super happy with The Oklahoma City Zoo.  Tons to do at a budget friendly price.  The only complaints we had was the heat.  It was 104 the day we went and super super humid.  Luckily they had some great big fans with misters available in several locations that really helped to cool us off and we also found a few exhibits with air conditioned buildings that gave us a nice break from the heat.  I would definitely plan to go when it is cooler though.

Located at 2101 NE 50th street Oklahoma City, OK. 73111

Hours: Open everyday from 9am-5pm, open year round (only closed for a few holidays).

Tips From A Mom:  Go on the website, look over the map.  It is a huge place so plan you trip around what you think will work best for your family.  Like I knew we had to see elephants and gorillas so I made that section our main priority (luckily they were close together).  Also check out their list of the attractions and pick the ones you would like to attend, note the times to plan ahead so you don’t miss them.  Again it is a huge place, so bring a wagon.  Even if your kiddo is a little older, my seven year old was having a hard time by the end of this trip with the walking (especially in the heat).  Bring a cooler or at least a bag packed with lots of water and your favorite snacks.  They don’t mind if you bring it and it will save you a little money.  Depending on what your budget is, the Elephant Express is a great way to get around the park.  They have stops throughout the Zoo that you can get off and on.  So ride it to the exhibit you want to go to get off, go explore, then come back and catch another shuttle to the next place you would like to go.  It really save yous time and saves your feet from all the walking between exhibits.  It’s $6 a person.  Lastly go on a day with cooler temps, we had a blast but the heat was a little much for the seven year old.  If you have little ones I would suggest a spring or fall visit.


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