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A Budget Friendly Savings Plan


I have recently made a goal to attend the Blog Her convention in 2017 (well one of them not sure which city yet).  This will be an expense though since we live on a very strict budget.  Even if I am able to get some sponsorships (which would be awesome) I will need to save some money for travel.  So………

That lead me to searching around on the net for some kind of savings plan that would work for me.  Give me enough extra that I could easily afford the conference but it won’t kill me trying to abide by it.  I of course found several different savings plans most seem to be gradual build up style plans (some were daily and some weekly).  They all tend to start low and end high.  These are a great idea and I really liked the idea of splitting it up into chunks instead of trying to come up with a bunch all at once.  My disappointment with them though is that you end up at the end with large amounts every single week and depending on when you start them (most are started in January) you have your biggest chunks in the most expensive months like December.  My first thought was I’ll just reverse it and start at the end and move forward so I have the smallest chunks in December.  Then I found that I was struggling to do such large chunks for so many weeks in a row.  There must be a better system……..

This is when I decided to mix it all up.  I made my own chart (see below) splitting the chucks up over 52 weeks.  So you have the same amounts starting with $1 and ending with $52 I just toke the amounts and spread them out over 52 weeks so you don’t have all the large amounts in one month.  I tried to vary it so I had one small, one medium, one large, and then one of those big amounts in each 4-5 week period.  I’ve been doing this system for about 10 weeks now and I’m really liking it a lot more.  I use my bujo to keep track (see picture below) and plan ahead so I make sure I can fit it into my budget each week.  I will end up with the same amount at the end of the process, which is $1378!

I decided to share in case anyone else is like me and has a tight budget and needed an alternative plan.


Here is my bullet journal layout.  I kinda wanted it to look like a path……as in a path to financial savings.  I’m not sure I love how it turned out but it works. So each week I color in the box that I completed.  I added totals along the way to let me know where I was at in my savings goal.


Good luck on your savings goals everyone!! Let me know in the comments what works for your savings and what you are saving for! As always please be sure to share this.


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