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Basic Weekly Layout Featuring Decora Stamp Set

I have been playing around with what works for my on my weekly layouts.  I found that I tend to have a lot more tasks that are blog related and a lot of time things go really jumbled up so I decided to split up my dailies into three columns so I can separate out the items into either tasks/appointment, chores/cleaning, or blog.  It’s a lot easier layout for me and I can follow it a lot easier.  I also include boxes for to do item, next weeks planning, meal planning, goals, notes, and I usually leave one open for doodles or quotes.  This layout has been working really well for me so far.  In the video you will see a stamp set I used from Decora.  It’s a great stamp set.
I was super excited to get this set from Decora because it has the stamp set that has the planner stamps like to do, the lines with a box, little icons for a planner, tasks, etc. It’s super cute and works so well for my bullet journal. Also includes some adorable banners also fun for my bullet journal because I can stamp them out instead of having to try to draw them free hand. Includes some flowers and butterflies perfect little decorations. Not only does the set include some cute adorable stamp sets but also 15 different colors of ink! And a stamp block to put your stamps on. The ink is great quality and you get so many colors. The block in nice and solid. Good size. Easy to hold and use.
If you are just getting started with stamps this is a perfect little starter kit. Has everything you need in one set. You get a variety of colors on the ink so it’s perfect for someone who doesn’t have many or doesn’t have any at all. The block can be used with any stamping set so it’s awesome to have and can be used with so many other products. And the stamps are a perfect variety and give you a great starting point especially for bullet journaling.
You can pick up this set on Amazon for only $16.99 here!

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I received this item complimentary or at a reduced price for my honest review. However, I only recommend products I truly love and use to my readers.

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