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Get Reading w/ Epic!


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Now that we are going back to school it is time to get back into that habit of nightly reading.  I know my seven year old is encouraged to read 20 minute a night as homework from her teacher.  I actually really enjoy our time reading every night. It gives me one on one time with her.  We like to read books that we can discuss and really enjoy so it gives us something to connect on and talk about outside of the 20 minutes we are reading.

One thing I have noticed though is that even though we have a pretty decent collection of books that we have bought for her over the years and we add to it on a regular basis she tends to read the same books over and over again.  This year now that she has entered 2nd grade they are encouraging her to read new books for her reading requirements each time.  So I began to search for some new titles to update our library with.  Then I stumbled across a company called Epic!  After reading about the service I was hooked.

Basically it is like streaming on Netflix but for children’s books.  You log in and sign up for a subscription.  You can choose the length and set it to renew each month, year, etc.  Once you get it set up you can view books on your computer or smart devices.  There is an app available in the google store and iTunes.  You can set up a profile for each of your children so they can save their favorites and get suggestions based on their likes.  It’s very simple to use, my seven year old can easily navigate the Epic! site by herself.  You can log in and select a book and it comes up right on the screen for them to read.  You have access to hundreds of books in just a few seconds.  It’s a very cost effective way to offer your children a variety of books, basically a library at their fingertips.

You can go on and set up a parent profile as well, assign books to your children, make suggestions for them.  They even send you a great little email that tells you how many minutes and books your child has read each week.  It’s a great way to make sure they are staying on target with reading.  If your school has a profile set up on Epic! you can even connect with your child’s teacher.  The teacher can assign a specific book or make reading lists for them to follow on the site.  I love the interface, it’s very user friendly and interactive.  My daughter loves it so much she begs me to read every night so she can use it.  Another thing I love is that when you log in you can choose books based on age, reading level, etc.  They also list on each book approximately how long it will take you to read it which is great so you can plan ahead.  My daughter is always trying to stall at bedtime by picking a super long book so this way I can easily see how much time we will be investing into each title. I really can’t say enough good things about them.  It has a great variety and is a great service.

You can find them on their site HERE!

It is only $4.99 a month for unlimited reading!  Your first month is FREE!

It is free for educators.

back to school kids

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11 thoughts on “Get Reading w/ Epic!

  1. I love this concept! And it’s actually much cheaper than my Kindle Unlimited subscription. I may have to subscribe to this for the kiddos since my son and daughter are running out of room for physical books. It will be nice to get ebooks that we can just swap out for new ones after they read them.


  2. This looks like a great program to get kids interested in reading. Reading is a way to get them to engage their imagination and maybe encourage them to learn new things. My kids are grown, but I am definitely going to look into this for my 8 year old grandson. Much better than sitting and playing video games all the time.


  3. Thank you for letting us know about this one – we have signed up kids this past summer for Kindle Unlimited, and I ended up picking up a few books there for myself, but this one seems like perfect for kids – will have to check it out!


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