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Get Creative with

Turn Your Photos Into Coloring Pages

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In our home we love to color and arts and crafts in general.  It’s a great way for me and my kids to connect.  Whether it’s doing a fun DIY project or sitting around the table coloring together we really enjoy spending time together exploring our creative side.  So when I found this great company called I couldn’t wait to try it out.  Last night I decided to do this fun project with the kids.

First I had the kids find a photo that they really love.  I kinda find it funny that they both choose pictures that feature our pets.  Shows you how much our animals mean to us I guess.  I choose a fun picture of all three of the girls that I love.  You can see our original images below.

Then we took the images over to and used their super easy tools to turn our images into coloring pages!  It was super easy to use. Just upload your image and then you can select how detailed you want the lines to be, make them darker or lighter.  They even have tools so you can erase portions of the image if you would like.  In the pictures with our two puppies there is a box in the background so I used the eraser tool to remove it from the coloring page.  It’s very easy to use.  Once you have your image set up just like you want you can apply a credit (you can purchase them on the site) and download your image in PDF form  and then print.  Super simple!  You can see our printed images below.

Once you have your images printed you can be as creative as you would like.  The girls had a blast coloring their pet pictures.  It was a super fun.  It would be a great way gift idea too, you could make someone a personalized coloring book and present it in a fun interactive way.  Or if you are really into photography you could even turn some of your favorite images into coloring pages.  Super cool.

This was a really fun activity.  It’s getting colder so if you are looking for a fun way to spend a day indoors this is a great little project.

It is super affordable. You can order credits on the site. 10 credits are only $3.99 or you can get 50 credits for $14.99.

Find them at

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