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Dental Protection Made Easy by IntelliDent

Do you know that keeping your toothbrush in the bathroom on the counter leaves it exposed to hundreds of germs and bacteria?  I recently had a conversation with our family dentist that really opened my eyes to how I store our toothbrushes.  I remember from watching an episode of MythBusters that bacteria from the toilet can end up on your toothbrush from particles that float into the air after flushing.  So I went out and got one of those plastic covers.  Then after speaking to my dentist I found out that putting your toothbrush into one of those containers still wet can cause mold to grow.  This left me searching for an alternative.

Things to remember when looking for dental toothbrush protection:

  1. Start with a new toothbrush or dental equipment-who knows what has already attached itself to your toothbrush so start anew
  2. Don’t share your toothbrush-should go without saying but as a general rule you don’t want to share your toothbrush with anyone else, the human mouth holds a host of bacteria and germs which ends up on your toothbrush while brushing so sharing will only contaminate it with additional bacteria and germs
  3. Do not sit the toothbrush right next to the sink-when people wash their hands you will get splash that can end up on your toothbrush along with all their germs and bacteria
  4. Flush the toilet with the lid down-this will reduce particles from escaping
  5. Use a product that covers the bristles but exposes it to air-this way it will not grow mold or bacteria

In my search for a better alternative to the plastic boxes I came across a great little company called IntelliDent.  They make these great toothbrush shields and mouth guard shields that you can use to protect your toothbrush and any dental appliances or mouth guards you use.


They are super simple to use.  Each one comes in sterile packaging.  Just peel and slide it onto your toothbrush or mouth guard.  The material is breathable so the toothbrush is still exposed to air while being completely covered.

I feel so much better about the way we are storing our toothbrushes and my daughter’s retainer.  I know they are protected from germs and bacteria and the process is super easy and fast.

You can find both the Toothbrush Shields & the Mouth guard Shields on the IntelliDent Website!

Also make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest!

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