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Make Snack & Meals Fun w/ FunBites

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How do you make dinner time fun??  Thanks to my seven year old dinner time has become somewhat of a nightmare.  It usually ends up with a struggle that goes a little something like this:

“Mom what are we having for dinner?”

“chicken and some vegetables”

“ewwwww………I hate chicken and vegetables”

Which usually results in me making her a sandwich, I have even stopped including her in the dinner meals and just make her a sandwich without even trying to get her to eat the meal I prepared because I don’t want to go through the process of listening to her whine or cry.


I found this great company called FunbitesFunbites are great little food cutters that can be used to make meal time fun!  They come in a variety of different sizes and shapes.  Each one has cut outs  that make the food bite sized portions that are fun and interactive.


Funbites are super simple to use.  Just pop them over the food and push down firmly, rock it back and forth (the design of the cutter allows for easy rocking motion), and then use the insert to pop out the pieces.  You can cut just about anything with these. I have used Funbites on meats, veggies, fruit, bread, sandwiches, and more.  I have even used them to make decorations when baking.  So they are versatile as well as fun.

The best part though is that now I have a lot less of a struggle with my seven year old at meal time.  These are easy enough to use that she can do it herself, they are not sharp at all and she is old enough she can easily utilize the cutters on her own.  So when she starts to complain about dinner, I hand her the cutters and let her get creative.  She can cut out pieces, make designs, and most of the time it eventually gets eaten in the process.

You can find Funbites on their Website.

Make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram!

Right now you can get the Minions Cutter (which my 7 year old loved by the way, the little goggles were a huge hit for her) for $4.99 by using code “minionfun”, you can also get free shipping if you order 3 or more!  These are great to throw in a stocking for the holidays.

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