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OurFamilyWizard can help you, learn more now.

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Have you ever missed a game?  Forgot it was your turn to pick up the kids?  I know that as a mom it’s hard to keep everything straight sometimes and blended families have even more schedules to navigate.

As many of you know we have a blended family, my husband has two children from a previous marriage that we have full custody of.  So we are always on the lookout for ways to make the co-parenting process easier.

I recently found this great website called Our Family Wizard.  I am super impressed with all the tools and capabilities of this site.  It has made our scheduling and communication a thousand times better. includes an interactive calendar system that allows the users to add events, set up parent schedules, and even document each parents holidays and visits.  It’s super simple to set up and use.  Everything is color-coded so you can easily look through the calendar and find the items you are looking for.  There are even features that allow you to ask to swap times with another parent so all the communication about the schedule can be done through the site.

Not only is there a calendar but you can also use the program for communication.  We tend to have a problem with communication sometimes so this is a great feature for us.  My husband and his ex-wife can easily send notes to each other.  Everyone in the family profile can see the messages.  The system keeps the messages saved in the system and they can not be edited or deleted.  So there is a documentation that occurs.  It’s a great neutral location that allows for some security if there are communication problems.  There is even a helpful ToneMeter that monitors the language in the messages and sends an alert if your message includes phrases or words that could be interpreted as negative or hurtful.  It gives the sender a built in stop and think option.

The site even includes the ability to share important information like phone numbers, medical facts, school information, and more.  They have built in a payment center in the finance section, if you are sharing expenses you can document the cost of items and parents can send and receive money through the program.  It’s a great way to account for payments made and received.  They have really thought of it all when it comes to co-parenting.

Check out my quick video tutorial to show you some of the great features. has been a great tool to help us communicate better and be more organized.  Honestly not just when it comes to co-parenting with my husband’s ex-wife.  Me and my husband have been using the calendar a lot just to make sure we know who is in charge of pick ups, drop offs, and what events are going on.

You can access your profile online through a computer or you can download the program through Apple store, Google play, Amazon, and Blackberry.  Being able to access the program on my phone is very convenient.  I can pull up the schedule anytime anywhere.

You can find the program at

Also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!

OurFamilyWizard can help you, learn more now.

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