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Living in Oklahoma we love to experience the wonderful nature that our great state has to offer.  We love to camp and enjoy time outside.  However, there are times that it gets super hot in our lovely state and sometimes enjoying the outdoors becomes a little less comfortable.  Even in the fall it still gets pretty warm outside in the middle of the afternoon.  So we were super excited when we found!

Just like the name suggests they make air conditioners out of 5 gallon buckets.  I know it sounds a little unconventional but ya know being from Oklahoma we like unconventional around here.  So the design is pretty simple.  Inside there is a metal bucket that you fill with ice or dry ice.  There are directional vents on the side and a fan on the top that blows the cold air out.  They are super powerful though.  I was really surprised at how much air they put out and how cold it gets so quickly.  When we tested it for our video it was about 79-80 degrees in the house and the minute we turned it on it was already cooling down and dropping quickly.  The lowest read out we got was 57 degrees.  On how long it lasts it will really depend on the environment.  Basically it will stop being cold when you ice melts and runs out.  So for us it lasted 3 1/2-4 hours but I didn’t have the bucket completely full.  Check out my video below to see it in action.

In our box they also included instruction on how to convert it to a heater!  So instead of filling it up with ice put in some hot rocks and just remove the ports.  Super fast conversion and a great way to stay warm if you like to do some fall or winter camping.  I tend to like camping more in the fall but those overnights can get really chilly especially if you are camping next to a body of water.  5gallonairconditioner is a great portable system to take along with you on your camping trips to keep you warm at night.  It’s not heavy, small enough you can pack it easily and really easy to set up.  Just throw some rocks in the campfire, before you go to bed add them to your bucket and you are set.

We are in love with ours and we won’t camp without it ever again!  You can get one too.

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