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Glowing Broomstick Treat Bags


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It’s that time of year again……..Halloween!  We love Halloween in our family, apart from Christmas I think it is our favorite.  I think one of the reasons I love it so much is all the fun crafts and snacks.  As homeroom mom this year it’s my responsibility to take treats fro my daughter’s class.

I got these really cool glow sticks on Amazon, then I began the process of discovery a fun way to deliver them to the kiddos.  I came up with this cute broomstick idea.  I was inspired by a picture I saw on Facebook somewhere (I looked but couldn’t fin the original post to give them credit).  However it looked pretty easy to make the broomstick bags and I decided to use my glow sticks as the broom handles.  Check out my quick tutorial video.



brown paper bags (sandwich size)

Ziplock bags (I was using sandwich size I would recommend though snack size)

Ac. y. C Glow Stick Bracelets


Mabel’s Labels name tags




  1. Fill a ziplock bag full of candy or treats and set aside
  2. Take a paper bag and cut it in half, you can use your glow stick to measure and get the desired length you want (tip-I left them kinda long to begin with and then trimmed them once I had it tied shut to make the tying process easier)
  3. Cut slits down the side of the bag all the way down to the base of the bag, all the way around. It’s easier to cut slits while you have the two sides of the bag together as far as you can and then open it up and finish them off to the bottom
  4. place the bag of treats on the base of the bag and pull the strips up and around the bag to cover it. Insert a glow stick in the middle of the bag and secure with the Ziplock bag.
  5. Tie a piece of ribbon around the strips of bag into a bow, adjust any of the strips so they cover the bag
  6. Apply a label (I love using my Mabel’s Labels that are pre-printed)
  7. Right before you get to the party, snap the glow sticks so they glow and light up


You can find Ac. y. c. glow sticks on Amazon!

You can find Mabel’s Label on their website!  Or you can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest

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