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Cooking Up Some Halloween Fun w/ Kidstir

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As many of you know I love box subscriptions.  They are a fun way to introduce your kiddos to experiences and culture outside of their normal routine and neighborhood.  I Recently fond a great one called Kidstir and I have to say it’s one of my favorites.  I must preface this with the fact that I love to cook and we spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  Recently my seven year old has shown interest in helping me cook.  So I have been trying to make time to teach her some basic cooking skills.  Kidstir is a great way to introduce cooking to your kiddos.

Each Kidstir box includes fun recipes that are kid friendly along with some fun cooking utensils and tools that can be used with the recipes.  They even include a small binder for them to organize all of their fun recipes.  They are lots of fun and a great interactive box that they can enjoy over and over again.


Since I have been trying to plan some fun Halloween/Fall activities each weekend I decided to get her the Spooky Celebration Kit which can be ordered through the Kidstir website.  They have several themed boxes or you can sign up for the monthly box and choose how long you would like your subscription to last (1, 3, 6, or 12 months).

The Kidstir box included three recipes (witches brew, yummy mummies, and scary-oli).  They also included a ravioli press, silicone skeleton mold and some fun stickers.  The recipe cards are easy to follow (my seven year old had no problems with them) and they include fun games and information along with the recipes.  Each one is hole-punched so you can easily add them to our Kidstir binder.  The skeleton mold and ravioli press were great, my daughter loves the silicone mold and has made some ice pops with them too.  We decided to make the witches brew this weekend which is a spiced apple cider with cream ice cubes in the shape of skulls and crossbones.  So cute and lots of fun to make.


First we gathered up our supplies and ingredients.  Everything is listed for you on the Kidstir recipe card.

First we made our cream ice cubes by mixing the cream with sugar and vanilla.  Use the included Kidstir skeleton molds to pour the mixture into and freeze overnight.

Then we made our spice apple cider by adding cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice to some apple cider.  Super yummy! Let chill.


Then just pop out the skulls and crossbones and put them into your apple cider.  Fun and cute.  My daughter thought these were so cool and it tasted amazing!!

The recipes made for some great Halloween themed fun.

You can find Kidstir on their website!

Also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Instagram, & Pinterest!


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