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Lose Weight the Natural Way w/ Wu-Long Tea

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As many of you may know I have always struggled with weight.  I remember as a child being on diets and having restrictions.  I have learned as an adult though that diets just don’t work.  What does work though is making lifestyle changes that are healthy and starting new habits in health that I can stick to for a lifetime.


I recently found this great site called that carries healthy living products.  I decided to try out the Wu-Long tea from their page.  Okuma Nutritionals describes  Wu-Long tea as a simple, powerful, and EASY way to naturally boost your metabolism, raise your energy levels, and lose weight every day.  They claim that the tea can be used for appetite suppressant to lose weight, detox and cleanse, fight acne, reverse signs of aging, and even prevent cancer.  These are some large claims and I really can’t in good conscious tell you that it does all of those things because honestly it would take a lot of research studies to prove those things.  What I can tell you though with all honesty is that I enjoy the tea and that it does help me to eat less in the mornings.


The directions state to drink a cup of tea for breakfast and one more before lunch.  The ingredients are all natural and Okuma Nutritionals describes WuLong as a rare form of high-altitude Oolong Tea that is grown in the WuYi Mountains of China’s Fujian Province. SlimTea is grown by Master Tea Growers and picked at perfect times to give it powerful antioxidants and delicate floral flavor. Our plantations are free from pesticides, chemicals and GMOs, and toxic residues often found in other name-brand grocery store teas.  I personally found the tea to taste great and I enjoy replacing my breakfast with a cup.  I feel full after drinking and I don’t miss having my breakfast.  I also have been drinking it about 20 minutes before lunch and notice on the days I drink it I eat less.  So the appetite suppression seems to be working great for me.  I don’t drink more then 2 cups a day but I do notice that I seem to be less hungry even into the late afternoon after eating less for lunch.  So far I am very happy with it and enjoy the ability to control my appetite with a great cup of tea.


You can find Wu-Long tea on the website!

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