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Busy Family? Put a Gourmet Meal on Your Table Tonight w/


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I’m not sure what it is about fall but it seems like we are always going in three or four different directions pretty much every night.  As a mom my duty is to escort them to all of these events and stay there in support (which I love to do).  With band, Girl Scouts, art classes, school events, sports, and not to mention play dates, I find myself a little short on time.  Of course when they do finally make it home they want a yummy meal on the table to enjoy and they want it quickly.  With all the constant taxiing of children to and from events that leaves no time for me to cook them a yummy meal. So I found the perfect solution……..a great company called has a great product line of ready to go frozen gourmet meals that you can have shipped directly to your home (or someone else).  They make amazing gifts by the way.  Who wouldn’t like to have a gourmet meal delivered to their home?  Gifting them for holidays, they have a great turkey meal if you have a loved one that can’t make it home for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Gifting them for house warming gifts, new babies, deaths, and more.  I myself though love them for days that we just have way to much going on. They come frozen right to your door, all you have to do is heat them up to have an awesome gourmet meal on your table in no time.


They include a nice little booklet that tells you all the cooking times.  Just heat them up in the containers they come in, they are both microwave and oven safe.  So in no time you have a great meal on the table.  Depending on what you order, it usually takes about an hour.  What I do with mine is throw it in the oven and then when we come home it’s ready to go.  Works great, I can usually time it just right so it’s ready to come out of the oven right when we get back. is super convenient for a busy schedule.

We tried out their meat lasagna that includes a lasagna, carrots or green beans (we got carrots), and garlic bread.  We also tried out the beef burgundy that includes the beef burgundy, rice, choice of carrots or green beans, and dinner rolls.  Each meal can then have a soup added on as well as a dessert.  We tried out the tomato florentine soup and the sugar cream pie.

Now I wasn’t really sure what to expected since they were frozen meals but I have to say the food was amazing.  It really is gourmet food and it doesn’t lose any flavor from being frozen.  The lasagna was amazing, one of the best I have ever had and my family is Italian.  Now I know what you might be thinking…….why spend that kind of money on when I can get one at the store.  Trust me this is so much better then what you will ever get at a store.  The beef burgundy is like nothing you can get at a store either.  It has a wonderful flavor combination, almost smokey.  The veggies were still fresh and flavorful even after being frozen and reheated.  The bread was soft and had great flavors.  I was really blown away with how great everything tasted. I wish I could let you sample it from the computer screen, you really need to try it.  My kids loved it too!

There were no complaints on night.  Even my seven year old ate dinner without one negative word coming out of her mouth.  I don’t know if this happens at your house but my seven year old never likes anything except peanut butter and jelly it seems.  She loved the lasagna and garlic bread though.  It was a huge hit.

Of course what meal would be complete without dessert?  We finished everything off with the sugar cream pie. OMG!!!! It’s amazing.  I can’t even describe it.  I had never had sugar cream pie so I wasn’t really sure what to expect but it was one of the best pies I’ve ever had.  So creamy and rich.  Loved it.

So whether you want to order for yourself on a busy night or let’s be honest on a night you just don’t want to cook or if you want to gift it to a loved one…they are amazing.  Great options, wonderful food, and so convenient.

You can find them on their website

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12 thoughts on “Busy Family? Put a Gourmet Meal on Your Table Tonight w/

  1. This sounds like a great idea for busy families or on nights where you just don’t feel like cooking. I would be nervous about the frozen part but after your descriptions, I think it would taste delicious. I love that you don’t have to do anything except heat and eat. Great idea.


  2. You sold me on it when you said even the 7 yr old was happy with it! That would be my hardest sale in my home, would be my 2 granddaughters and getting them to eat it. My son and hubby will eat just about anything I put in front of them, sot that would be no issue. I am wondering if it is cost effective , with a large family like mine? I feed 8-9 people every night. ??


    1. When i first got it I was worried about the size of everything because they looked small. However the dishes are pretty deep. We fed our family of 5 and had left overs. I ate lasagna leftovers for lunch for two days after. They say they feed 4-6 but if you have kids who won’t eat a full portion I think you could stretch it.


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