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Enjoy the Outdoors w/ Monkey Mat


Our family loves to spend the day at the park or outside at a ball game.  Fall is the perfect time for outdoor events because it’s not to hot anymore but not to cold yet.  Since we love to spend time outside I was excited to find a great product called Monkey Mat.  Monkey Mat is a great blanket you can lay down on the ground and have a place to sit and enjoy the outdoors anytime.  It has some great features that make it a must have for families who love to explore the outdoors.

When I look for products, as a busy mom I look for products who make my life easier as a mom and convenience is a big part of of that.  I love Monkey Mat because it folds up and I can attach it to the stroller, carry in our backpack, or leave it in the back of my car.  I always have it ready to go whenever I need it.  I love that there is a stretchy band that keeps the blanket attached to the bag.  If you are a mom you know that things get lost no matter how closely you keep track of it when there are children involved so I love that it is attached and we can’t lose the bag.  I love that each corner has string that you can use to secure the blanket either to the ground or to hang it.  There are also weights in each corner to help keep it from blowing up on you.  The blanket itself is a nice think quilted material that offers a comfortable surface to sit and lounge on.  Very well made, durable, spill resistant, and tear resistant.  When you are done using it, it folds up and goes back in the bag.  Now I have to say cause I have used these blanket before and it’s all great until you try to fold it back up and then it turns into an origami nightmare, the Monkey Mat is very easy to fold up.  I was easily able to fold it up in a couple of minutes and had it back in the bag and it looked exactly like it did when I first got it.  So I was super excited that I didn’t need a folding degree in order to fold it back up!


The Monkey Mat is very versatile, we love ours.  We have used it for picnics, outdoor play, at ball games for the kids to play on while watching the game, outdoor shows, camping, hiking, at the lake/beach, and more.  It’s a great blanket that provides a great surface for outdoor sitting/lounging.

You can purchase a Monkey Mat here!

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