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Keep an Eye on Your Pets Anywhere w/ Petcube

Petcube Camera: Interactive pet camera

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Ever wonder what your pets are up to when you are at work or school? Well now you don’t have to thanks to PetcubePetcube is a great little product that features a camera and interactive laser light that allows you to see and hear what your pet is doing when you are not there.  It’s a stationary camera that you can access via a mobile app on your phone or tablet.  You can see what is happening in the room, listen in and even talk to your pets, as well as use the red laser light to interact and play with them.  It’s a great way to stay connected t them while you are away.


Some of the things that I love about The Petcube include that I can have contact with my babies when I’m not home, I can take pictures and record with the app, and I can interact with them. I love being able to just check in with them.  One thing I hate is not being able to be home with them all the time and I feel bad when we have to leave them so this allows me to keep an eye on them.  Also I’m just curious what they do when we are gone as well.  I love that I can snap a picture or record them.  If I look in and see them doing something funny or cute I can snap a quick picture or record them and then it allows me to save it to my phone and even share it on social media.  This is honestly a great security feature as well if anything were to ever happen.  I love the light.  I thought this would be more for cats but our dogs chase it around too especially if we encourage them through the sound options.  Being able to talk to and hear them is a great feature as well.  Kinda confused them at first but now I think they like it.  Gives them peace of mind that we are still there.  The only thing we did not like was that it’s stationary.  So you have to set it up in a place where you can get a good angle and then hope that when you log in that they are near the camera or try to call them to the camera.  I wish there was a way to move the camera around.  Other then that we loved it.  It was a ton of fun to play with.


They make a great gift idea if you have pet lovers to buy for.  I know as pet owners we love the Petcube and it’s a great gift that our entire family including our fur babies can benefit from.  Our pets have been less destructive while having this in our home as well so it was a huge gift for us in the fact that I can keep an eye on them and tell them know when I see they have one of my expensive throw pillows in their mouth.  Make sure to check it and other great products out on our Holiday Gift Guide for Pets.

You can find Petcube on their Website!

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