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Parenting In Progress Becomes Brand Ambassador for Fresh Wave Products


*This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Parenting In Progress believes in providing happy healthy homes for children and supporting products that promote healthy living.  For these reason Parenting In Progress is happy to announce that we recently became a brand ambassador for Fresh Wave Products.

Fresh Wave has a great line of odor eliminating products that remove odors from the home without introducing toxins that may be harmful to your children or pets.  Fresh wave is made from natural ingredients like water and plant oils.  They do no contain any harmful chemicals or synthetic fragrances and are Phthalate free. As a mom I love knowing that these products are not going to harm my children or my fur babies.  I can use them safely and be worry free.

Fresh wave has a great line of odor removing products that don’t just mask the odors they actually remove the odor from the source.  Fresh wave is not a fragrance though, so it will remove the odor and leave your home smelling odor free.  The plant oils have a slight smell when you first use it but they go away and you are left with an odor free home!  Even though I love fragrances and things that smell good, I had noticed after using them I often ended up with a headache.  When companies use those fragrances that means they are introducing chemicals into your home.  So I love that Fresh Wave leaves my home smelling fresh and odor free without the nasty chemicals. They have several products that you can use all over your home.  The first one I am going to talk about is the Fresh Pod and packs.

The Fresh Pod is great, you get a little plastic container with vents that you can use with the packs.  The Fresh Pod has adhesive stickers so you can add it to any are that has a lot of odor.  I have ours on our trash can.  No matter how many times I have the kids take it it out, it always smells.  So I put one of these Fresh Pods on the can and it eliminates the odors coming from the trash between trips to the dumpster.  They work great with the packs.  It’s a little pack that contains some Fresh Wave crystals.  You can put one inside and it gets rid of the odors.  The packs are also great to just throw in the kids gym bags, I like putting them inside their shoes at night, they are super easy to use in a variety of places.

The gel is great as well.  You can get one in a little container either 7 oz or 15 oz and leave it out on the counter with the vents open.  I will eliminate any odors in the area.  You can purchase gel refills so that you can reuse the same container over and over again.  I have one in our kitchen on the counter.  They are great for reducing smells from pets, mildew, trash, and more. Put one anywhere that odors lurk to eliminate them in no time.


The Fresh Wave spray is great to have on hand for odor eliminating around the house, office, car, etc.  You can get one in the small 2 oz size. I like having this at my computer desk in case I need it.  They are nice and small though so you can even travel with them, leave one in the car, the kids gym locker, super convenient.  They also come in a larger 8 oz size that is great for having around the house.  I have one in my basket of cleaning products and spray it around the house when I clean daily.  Works great for eliminating odors around the house.

I think my favorite is the Fresh Wave candle.  I love candles and like having them around the house.  I have this one in my kitchen and use it often just to add some atmosphere as well as eliminate odors.  They are great for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, anywhere really.


Fresh Wave even makes laundry booster.  Just add it to the wash with your normal detergent and it will remove odors from your clothing.  It is HE machine safe.  Comes in a 1.5 pint size, but it doesn’t take much to get the odor eliminating effect so it lasts awhile.  I love adding this to our wash.  It really helps with the kids clothes, they get so stinky in gym class, practices, etc.  This eliminates those hard stuck in odors. Also for pet smells.  I recently washed our puppy bedding from their kennel and I was blown away with how well it worked to get that odor out of the bedding.  Works really well.


Finally the Fresh Wave vacuum beads.  These are great for getting odors out of carpet or furniture.  I used these in the girls closets to get some odor out from all their smelly shoes and it worked great.  Just sprinkle some on the carpet and let it set a bit, then vacuum them up.  Super easy.  Works great for pet odors too!

Fresh Wave has our home smelling so much better!  It’s amazing what a difference these products have made.  The best part though is I don’t have to worry about the chemicals.  I can get rid of the odors and keep my home chemical free.

You can find out more on the Fresh Wave Website!

Also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!

Make sure to keep an eye out for our Holiday Gift Guide we will be featuring a gift box from Fresh Wave as well as a giveaway soon!

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