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Reusable Shopping Bags Made Easy w/ Infinity3


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As a parent I am always concerned about our Earth and what we are leaving for our children and generations to come.  We try our best to live green and recycle as much as we can.  One change that we have made over the last couple of years is using reusable bags when we go shopping.  We always take our bags with us, I even have a couple that fold up and go in my car and purse.  However, when I go grocery shopping I usually need several bags.  I was super excited to try out this great reusable shopping bag system from Infinity3.  This makes taking your own bags to the store fast, easy, and convenient.

It is super easy to use.  As you can see it has a strap that you can use to secure it when you are not using it.  Just fold it in half and secure the velcro.  When you open it up there are four bags.  Each one is labeled so you can put like things together.  There is even one bag that is insulated for cold items and meats.  So I use one for meats/cold item, one for breads/pastas/etc, one for fruits and veggies, and one for everything else.

It is very simple to use.  They all velcro together so they stay one big piece.  Just open it up and put it into the cart.  The rods rest on the edges of the cart so that it stays in place and you can easily toss your items inside.  What I usually do is attach it rolled up while I am shopping to the cart handle.  Then when I check out and I have everything on the check out belt I put the system in the cart and as they check items out I put the items in the correct bags.  It works really well and is super fast and easy.


Then when I get to the car the bags will separate and I can just load them into the car and easily take them from the car to the house.  The bags are a nice big size.  They are very durable and well made.  Like I mentioned one of them has insulation so it keep items cold and even zips.  The others have nice netting on the bottom so they are breathable, great for fresh foods.  Very easy to use and work great.

The Infinity3 reusable shopping bag system is a great gift idea as well.  If you have a family member who likes practical gifts, love to live green, and does most of the family shopping this is a great item to have.  I love mine and would love to have another for bigger shopping trips.  Very nice.

Infinity3 was nice enough to give us an extra system so we can give one away to our readers!!  So hit the Enter Here button and sign up to enter the giveaway!



*Entrants must be 18 or older and reside in the United States.  This giveaway is sponsored by Infinity3, if for some reason Infity3 is unable to send the prize Parenting In Progress is not liable to send a prize.

You can find the Infity3 system on Amazon!

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18 thoughts on “Reusable Shopping Bags Made Easy w/ Infinity3

  1. I applaud you for using these! My problem is I am doing good if I can actually get to the store and remember to bring my purse and a list. I would never remember to use these. Maybe someday I will be organized enough, because I can absolutely see the benefit in using a set like this!!


  2. These bags are so cool. I live in southern cali and recently the bill passed that we would have to buy our own bags for 10 cents each so if I win these , these would come in great use. I love how you shop normally then once your cart is empty you slide the bags out . So simple and guineas.


  3. Really neat bags. My state just passed the prop to stop plastic bags being used so we either have to pay 10 cents per bag or use reusable bags. These would definitely be put to good use


  4. I’m legally blind and need all the help I can get to make life easier, I’m ocd about how my grocery’s are bagged, I even put them how I want them bagged on the belt at store, sadly some times cashier grabs out of order so have to redo bag at car, hibby does a lot of shopping and don’t organize as good as I do this would save the shopping day


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