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Solarpuff Makes Lighting Convenient and Easy


I just found this amazing solar lighting product called the Solarpuff.  It is so cool, I am in love with it.  So basically it is a cube made out of a really strong durable material that is flexible and allows you to collapse it so it becomes flat and small or you can pull it out and make a little cube.  They have attached to that a solar panel that makes it reusable, eco-friendly, and convenient to have lighting anytime, anywhere!  It comes in both plain white or colorful lights.


We do a lot of camping and outdoor stuff throughout the year so we love these.  They have a strap so you can easily hang onto it, hang it up, etc.  The material is so strong it won’t tear or rip at all.  The solar panel makes it so easy to use.  I leave mine out in the sun during the day and then it’s ready to go at night.  We use them in our tents, when we are hiking at night, to go to the restroom at night, and so much more.  They are also a great little item to have in your car or first aid/survival kit just in case you have an emergency.


We have had other solar lights before but none of them are so travel friendly.  Usually what we have had in the past is a lantern that is plastic and take up space. Even if it collapses it still takes up space. These lay completely flat.  You can literally pack them in your back pocket, side of your backpack, in your purse, in a first aid kit, anywhere.  The white light one has two settings (solid or blinking).  The color has several colors you can isolate one color or there is also a setting where they transition through the different colors.  My daughter has that one hanging up in her room right now just because she thinks it is cool to play with.


I think my favorite part about Solarpuff though is the work they do in third world countries. Solarpuff not only illuminates rooms but also brings incredible benefits to developing countries that we in the first world take for granted e.g.

  • Provides light where there isn’t any electricity (the obvious)
  • Reduces use of kerosene (nonrenewable energy)
  • Reduces carbon footprint, global warming
  • Improves health from not breathing toxic kerosene fumes
  • Reduces risk of fires and personal injury
  • Provides more disposable income to families as a result of not having to constantly purchase kerosene for lighting purposes and allows for greater productivity  for at home businesses
  • Reduces violence against women and home intrusions – where there’s light there’s less likelihood of intrusions
  • Reduces use of cheap disposable toxic batteries that damage the environment
  • Improves education – children can study in the evenings and for longer periods without relying on costly kerosene lamps


Solarpuff are great gifts for anyone on your shopping list that likes the outdoors.  They are even great to gift to put in a car or emergency kit as well.  As I mentioned my daughter has one in her bedroom just because she loves the colors and uses it as a night light.  They fit well in a stocking as well.

You can find out more about Solarpuff on their Website!

Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well!

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