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Gift Some Tug-a-War Fun w/ Tether Tug

Tether Tug Dog Toy For All Sizes

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As many of you know from reading my blog posts we have two Boston Terrier mixes that we rescued from the Boston Terrier rescue here in Oklahoma.  Their names are Kira & Gizmo and we have spoiled them rotten.  Recently I found a great company called tether tug that has a really fun toy that they love to play with.  The tether tug is super cool it features a flexible pole that you can attach a toy to that your pets can play tug-a-war with.


Tether tug comes in an indoor version (shown in above video).  You have a metal base that is flat, you attach your tether tug to the base and then slide the base under edge of a four leg piece of furniture.  They attach a toy and they can play tug-a-war in the house.  It’s great if you don’t have a yard for them to play in.  They can get exercise and play inside the home.  It’s slender enough that when you are not using it you can easily just slide it out of the way.  If you need to you and remove it form the base to put it in a closet.  It’s really strong and flexible, they can tug and pull all they want with no worries about it breaking.  Has a clip so you can easily switch out their favorite toys.  Tether tug has several that you can choose from or if you have a favorite toy they like then just add a clip to it and attach it to the tether tug.  Very fun and easy to use.

Tether tug also comes in an outdoor version.  Comes with a pole that you can insert into the ground to secure it.  Only took us a couple of minutes to set it up and secure it.  Same great design.  They can pull on it and it will bend and flex with them.  It also turns really easily so they don’t get tangled and they can easily attach it from all sides.  Our dogs loved them both equally.  They had to learn what to do with it but they are really enjoying them. We play tug-a-war with them but it took them some time to figure out that they could play it without us using the tether tug.  We trained them a little by encouraging them with treats inside the rope to get them interested in it at first.  We also spent some time playing tug-a-war with the toys that come with the system to teach them what it is for.  They are learning and enjoying the toys a lot.

The tether tug makes a great holiday gift for your fur babies.  We love making sure they have a fun surprise or two on Christmas morning along with everyone else.  Also great if you have friends or family that love their pets and might enjoy a fun toy for them to play with.

You can find tether tug on their website!

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Tether Tug For All Sizes

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