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Giving Soaps Make Amazing Home Made Gifts for the Holidays


I recently found this amazing company called giving soaps.  They have a great line of products that are all home made.  They use 100% plant-derived materials, all ingredients are authentically natural.  They use palm oil that is always organic and ethically sourced so it does not contribute to deforestation.  There are no synthetic fragrances, colorants, foaming agents or detergents.  All products are hand crafted and packaged.   They also donate 20% of their proceeds to non-profit organizations.  I love the mission behind this company and the products are amazing!

They have a great line of hand crafted soaps.  I love the combinations that they come up with, they smell so good.  I love to put these out in the bathroom, especially in our guest bathroom.  They smell so good they make the entire bathroom smell amazing.  You get a great bar of soap, it’s a good size too so it last a good amount of time.  Made of high quality products that leave your hands moisturized and smelling great.


They also have a great line of lotions.  I love that they come in jars I can reuse.  They have a variety of sizes so you can get a small one and keep it at your desk or get a large one and refill smaller containers with it.  Their handmade, vegan lotion goes on smoothly, and leaves a silky feel (no sticky/tacky or greasy skin). Its plant-derived ingredients mean that It *actually* moisturizes – it doesn’t just temporarily cover up dry skin.  It’s amazing!


They also have these great roll on oils that help with headaches.  Yes…these actually work! Seriously, just roll some into areas where you’re experiencing pain (making sure to avoid the eye area). I actually tried this the other day.  I had a headache from sinus pressure and I tried out the roller.  It smelled very much like peppermint, which actually cleared out my sinuses and my headache went away!  I don’t know if would work with a stress headache but it totally worked on my sinus headache. I now keep this handy at all times.

Giving soaps make amazing gifts for the holidays.  You can put their lotions or balms in a stocking.  Put together a gift basket.  They also sell gift boxes that have a variety of products.  All the products are amazing.  I love them all and they work so well.

Learn more about giving soaps on their website.

Connect with them on Facebook as well.

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