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New Titles From Smith Publishing Makes Great Gift Ideas For Children


As some of you may know from a previous post I made my seven year old has been suffering from some emotional issues and has had a horrible time making friends which resulted in her being bullied.  As a mom I was outraged and wanted all of those children to be punished by the principal and made to apologize to my sweet little girl, who I know as a very kind-hearted young lady.  However, after much thought the realization that punishment really would just be a band-aid to the problem and that as much as I didn’t want to admit it that maybe my little girl could make changes that could prevent some problems in the future.  Not that I’m giving the message that if you get bullied you change, because I really don’t believe that.  What I do believe though is that if something in our lives isn’t going the way we want maybe we should look into some ways to improve the problem.  In this situation it was her lack of social skills that were causing the problem.  She grew up the youngest with a large gap between her age and the next oldest child so she had limited time playing with children her age and got very accustomed to getting her way.  She was also lacking some coping skills when it came to stress, anger, and anxiety.

As some of you may know I am a retired counselor so I looked for some products that may help her build new and better coping and social skills.  I found these great books from Smith Publishing and we have been working on them with her for a few days now.  They have a line of books that are sort of like workbooks.  Each one contains information, skills, and practice exercises to learn more appropriate ways to cope with making friends, feeling worried, and feeling angry.

How To Make & Keep Friends by Donna Shea and Nadine Briggs is a great book that teaches children all about appropriate social skills.  There are skills listed throughout the book as well as some activities you can use to help them practice each of the social skills.  It’s a great book to introduce to any child who is struggling with fitting in, making friends, etc.

I Feel Worried by Donna Shea and Nadine Briggs is a great little workbook that discusses the feeling associated with worry and anxiety. Kids can experience anxiety for a huge variety of reasons so teaching appropriate skills to cope is a must.  The workbook has a bunch of information, activities, and skill building techniques to utilize with your children.  I love this page that teaches children how to appropriately label feelings.  Many times anxiety is a secondary emotion that is caused by an often hidden primary emotion.  So the workbook is a great way to teach children to understand and correctly label how they are feeling.  It’s a great book for any kids who are struggling with anxiety and worry.

I Feel Mad by Donna Shea and Nadine Briggs is another great little workbook that focuses on the feeling of anger.  The workbook helps children learn skills to appropriately deal with anger.  It’s normal to feel angry, we all do it but children must learn what are acceptable ways to cope with anger and what are not.  I love this page that discusses alternatives to negative expressions of anger.  It’s a great book for any kiddos that are struggling with anger feelings and what to do with them.

Smith Publishing is a great source for books that teach which I love to use as gifts.  As I mentioned I am a retired counselor so teaching my children coping skills is a must and this is a fun and interactive way to do it.  They make great gifts you can wrap or put in a stocking.

You can found out more about these books on the How To Make and Keep Friends Website.

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