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Arctic Zero Delivers The Taste Without the Calories


As many of you know I am trying to eat healthier, I like to eat a low carb diet but one thing that I really miss is ice cream.  I recently found this great company called Arctic ZeroArctic Zero makes great frozen desserts that totally replace my ice cream, in fact I don’t miss ice cream at all now.  They have a huge variety of flavors and they all taste amazing.  You get all the flavor and deliciousness of a frozen treat without all the bad calories and ingredients.


Arctic Zero is handcrafted from premium ingredients. You won’t find any artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors here. It’s the perfect zero-guilt pleasure whenever your sweet tooth strikes. It is low glycemic, certified gluten free, fat free, GMO free, lactose free, vegetarian and even kosher.  You can get all the yummy flavor without any guilt.


We recently tried out salted caramel, cake batter, poppin’ pomegranate, cookie dough chip, and snickerdoodle dandy.  They were all amazing.  The cookie dough chip and snickerdoodle dandy is so good.  I would say it’s better then ice cream.  I loved them all but those were my favorites.  I could eat that all day.  So good.  They do suggest that you let it set out for about 20 minutes at room temp to get a creamier consistency so I do advice you do that just because it makes it a little more like the consistency of ice cream.  I really do enjoy it, has become one of my favorite treats.  I just have to tell myself I can’t eat the entire pint even though it doesn’t have the calories that ice cream does.

If you are wondering how do you order a frozen dessert through the mail?? It’s super easy, just order the product on their site and they send it all packaged in dry ice, perfectly frozen.  Now you can have wonderfully perfect guilt free frozen treats delivered right to your door!  What could be easier?

You can find Arctic Zero on their website.

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They are always hosting giveaways on their social media pages for fans so be sure to check them out.

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