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Healthy Goodness Makes Providing Healthy & Organic Foods For Your Family a Cinch

Gluten Free Frozen Foods

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As I have mentioned we are trying to eat healthier as a family.  I am slowly introducing the kids to this by adding in food that are organic and gluten free.  I want to give them brands that I can trust to contain quality ingredients.  The struggle that I run into though is that we live in a very small town in rural Oklahoma and our our grocery shopping options are very limited.  We don’t have a premium grocery store to run to for everyday items.  So as a mom I decided there had to be a good option out there for moms like me who want to get quality food brands but are limited on shopping options.  After a little research I found a great company called Healthy Goodness.  At Healthy Goodness they have a huge variety of gluten free and healthy food brands that you can choose from and have shipped straight to your door!!  So convenient and easy.  It literally took me minutes to log in, pick out our foods, and they were on their way to us.  We just tried out their frozen food selections but they have a pantry section as well as a bath and body section.  So they have a great variety.

The process was pretty simple we choose frozen foods and picked the 6 pack which is a service they offer on the site where you can pick out 6 items, they also offer addons, we added four items and then also got a freebie.  Just pick your pack, select the items and any addons you want, and done.  You can also select individual items rather then selecting a pack.  They have a lot to choose from, some of our favorites is their frozen dessert selections.

We are big fans of ice cream in this house so we are always looking for options that are healthier when it comes to enjoying a frozen treat.  These are some of our favorite options.  Their Double Chocolate + Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sammie is so good!  It’s way to good to be gluten free.  Actually all of these were great, we love frozen treats, the kids will eat frozen yogurt products just as long as it’s frozen they are happy.  These are great alternatives to regular ice cream.  They also have some great entree items as well.

We like getting some frozen snacks and food t have on hand so that when we come home from a really busy night of activities I can quickly make them something to eat.  These Brazi Bites are so good.  We got the cheddar and Parmesan they were super yummy.  We also tried out a frozen burrito and some chicken nuggets. My daughter loves chicken nuggets and these Hip Chick Farms: Artisan Chicken Fingers are a great alternative to the brands full of chemicals and GMO’s.  My seven year old loves them.  We also tried out a couple of grab and go snacks.

I love having protein bars on hand, these Wella: Powerful Peanut Fresh Protein Bar are a great bar that you can easily throw in your bag and go.  My seven year old loves the Garden Lites Spongebob Chocolate Krabby Squares, they are a great alternative to regular brownies.

No matter what foods your family likes to eat, Healthy Goodness is a great way to get the products that you love and eat to your front door in a stress free, easy, and convenient fashion.  I love the fact that I don’t have to drive a long distance to get the gluten-free and healthy foods we want.  It’s a great and very needed service.  Even if you do live close to a healthy grocery store sometimes it’s nice to not have to go do the shopping and have it delivered for you.

You can check out Healthy Goodness on their Website.

Currently you can get 10% off of Brazi Bites and they always have free shipping!

Connect with them on Facebook too!

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