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Skylight Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift


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One thing that I always like to gift for the holidays to my parents and in=laws are photos of the kids.  They love seeing them especially since they live far away and only get to see them a few times a year.  Finding a fun creative way to gift them is always high on my list.  I recently found this awesome product called SkylightSkylight is a digital picture frame but has some cool features.  First of all I love how stylish it is, looks like a nice classy frame but displays hundreds of digital photos.


Just hook it up to your wi-fi, it’s really easy, select your channel and type in the password.  It’s connected in seconds.  Then it will display your photos right on the screen.  You can scroll through them and leave it out for display to cycle through on it’s own like a slide show.


The really cool thing though, that I have not seen on other frames is that you can deliver photos to the frame using a special email.  When you get your box it will come with a unique email address.  Then anyone can go on and email photos to the email account.  They will show up on your photo frame in minutes.  This is so cool. Honestly my parents are not very technically savvy so when I have given them these types of frame in the past they usually just sit in the box until I come by and set it up for them and it never gets new pictures unless I have time to upload them.  So now I can send new pictures to their frame from my own home in minutes.  So if the kids have a program or special event I can send them the photos for their frame.  It’s so convenient and easy.  I love the ease of it.

Skylight makes a great holiday gift for any family and friends this year that you would like to keep updated on all your family photos and events.  Super easy and convenient and a beautiful frame to add to any desk or room.

You can find out more on the Skylight Website.

Connect with them on Facebook as well.

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