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Tapple 10 From USAopoly Makes a Great Gift Option


We love to play games in our family, we try to have a family game night every weekend.  So new games are a must for our holiday shopping list.  I recently found this great game called Tapple 10 from USAopoly.  This is a great card game with 10 different games all in one.  It’s a great way to get a bunch of different games.


Comes in a nice plastic case that houses all of the cards, instructions and the timer.  In this one little case you have everything you need to play 10 different games!  So it is a great one to travel with.  Whenever we travel or go camping we always take games with us and this is one of our favorites because it’s fun and easy to pack and take with us.


Tapple 10 offers 10 unique games that are challenging and fun for the whole family. The Tapple 10 deck of 80 cards offers 160 different categories that will engage players of all ages. The included instruction booklet describes how to play each game, and the recommended number of players & difficulty level of each game.

10 Games To Play Include:
1. Tapple 10 Alpha
2. Rake ‘em In
3. Four in a Row
4. Down the Line
5. Head to Head
6. Scramble
7. Alpha Build
8. Countdown
9. Last Man Standing
10. Under Pressure

Ages 8+ | 1+ Players | 5-15 minutes play time


Tapple 10 from USAopoly makes a great holiday gift this year.  If your kiddo loves playing games this is a great one with a ton of variety.  Small enough you can throw it in a stocking or wrap it up.  Maybe even add it to a game night themed gift basket.

You can learn more on USAopoly Website.

Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest as well.



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