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Great Gift Options From Winning Moves-Giveaway


As I have mentioned we love games and having game nights.  So board and card games are always at the top of our holiday gift giving list every year.  I recently found these great games from a company called Winning Moves Games.  They have a great variety of games that all make great gift options.  You can find something for everyone on your list on their site.  All ages and all interests are covered.  Here are a few that we recently tried out.

This Game is Bonkers is a fun game based on the 1978 original version.  Each time you play you get an entirely new playing experience. Use track cards on the game board to dictate the direction of play, since you build a new track every game no game is the same.  We love this because we never get bored with it.  Always something new. Suitable for ages 8 and up, 2-4 players.

Scattergories Categories is a blast.  We have the original Scattergories and it is one of our favorite games, it’s a very old game that I actually had when I was a kid that I kept as we still play.  I just saw this newer version and was so excited to get it.  So in this game you have cards that have a category for example the card might say VEHICLES (makes and models) you write that down on your pad of paper and then for each letter you have to come up with a word that matches the category but starts with the letter of each of the letters in the word VEHICLES.  So you might have VW Bug, Eclipse, Honda, etc. Then just compare answers, if someone has the same thing as you then you both have to cross it out.  You can discuss answers, cause sometimes you get desperate for a word so you might have some that are questionable.  We also always gave extra points if you have a two word answer and both words start with the given letter.  If you like word games this one is awesome, lots of fun and challenging.  Suitable for ages 12 and up, 2-4 players.

Pass the Pigs Big Pigs is a hoot (or a snout?).  Based on the Pass the Pigs party game the rules are pretty similar.  You take the giant pigs and rolls them (like you would dice) there is a reference card that tells you what points you score depending on how the pigs land.  There a bunch of different possibilities but you will want to be careful not to roll a pig out and lose points.  Keep taking turns and playing until someone reaches 100 points.  An alternate version involves seeing if you can guess how they will land and earning points if you are right or losing points if you are wrong.  Lots of fun for all ages.  Suitable for ages 7 and up, 2 or more players.


Brainspin is a really fun ice breaker or large party/social game.  It’s really easy to play and can be enjoyed by a large or small group and all ages.  The deck of cards included has basic shapes, players will set the timer and then come up with as many ideas as they can about what the image on the card could be.  When the timer is done players compare answers.  Anyone who duplicates an answers crosses it out, you get a point for all your unique answers.  It’s a lot of fun to see what everyone comes up with.  Make sure to visit the Winning Moves website for some new shape cards you can download as well to keep it fun and interesting.  Suitable for ages 7 and up, 2-10 players.

Water Works is a great little problem solving strategy game.  The players will take turns building their pipeline playing cards that connect together to build a continuous pipe until they have played the designated number of cards and they can add a spout to win.  The fun part is sabotaging other players with leaky pipes forcing them to fix them with either a new card or a wrench piece.  Lots of fun that forces you to use strategy to build your line and problem solving to make it all work.  Suitable for ages 8 and up, 2-4 players.

Winning Moves Games has gaming options for anyone on your holiday list this year.  We love gifting these games, it’s a great way to build needed skills and have fun at the same time.  Make sure to check out their website for some great gifting options this holiday season.

Giveaway Time!!

Winning Moves was nice enough to give us an extra copy of each of these games to giveaway to some of our readers.  There will be 5 winners we will be giving away

1-This Game is Bonkers (1st name drawn from entrants)

1-Scattergories Categories (2nd name drawn from entrants)

1-Pass the Pigs Big Pigs (3rd name drawn from entrants)

1-Brainspins (4th name drawn from entrants)

1-Water Works (5th name drawn from entrants)

Entrants must be 18 or older and US residents.  The giveaway is sponsored by Winning Moves Games, if for some reason they are unable to send the prizes Parenting In Progress is not responsible for supply a prize.

Entries will be accepted from 12/8/16 until 12/31/16


Winning Moves

Learn more on the Winning Moves Games Website.

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  1. We love to play family games. We are HUGE Scrabble fans!
    We love playing Super Scrabble! It’s a lot of fun and educational at the same time!!


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