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Watermelon Ball by PlaSmart Is the Perfect Pool Toy-Giveaway


I don’t know about you but I really dislike winter and the cold months.  It has been super cold in Oklahoma over the last couple of weeks and they say even more cold weather is on the way….yuck.  All this cold weather has be thinking about summer.  I recently came across this awesome new product from PlaSmart while dreaming about summer and thinking about the pool.  The watermelon ball is so cool.  So have you ever played ball in the pool?  We love to play pool baseball where you set up a little playing field in the pool and throw the ball around trying to get each other out.  However we end up spending a bunch of time jumping out of the pool to chase the ball down when it skims across the water and flies out of the pool.  Not anymore!  The watermelon ball stays in the water and floats through the water like a ball would out of the water. You can throw it directly to the spot or person you want and catch it.  It won’t go flying out of the water.  It’s the perfect water ball toy!  PlaSmart has made a fun game just for Watermelon Ball. Check out their video on how the game works:


It’s very simple to use.  It comes with a hose applicator, just attach it to your water hose and insert the needle into the opening on the watermelon ball.  Fill it with water to make it buoyant.  This makes it glide through the water and makes passing the ball much easier.  It really makes playing much easier and natural.  You can easily pass it back and forth, throw it to a specific spot, even dribble it on the bottom of the pool.  Check out this cool video from PlaSmart with the watermelon ball in action.


The watermelon ball from PlaSmart is going to be a must have during pool season this year.  I can’t wait for warmer months so we can try it out.  We will for sure be taking it with us when we travel if the hotel has an indoor pool just so we can try it out!  We played with it some at home but it will be a lot more fun in a large pool.

PlaSmart was nice enough to give us an extra watermelon ball to giveaway to one of our readers!  Click on the enter here button to enter our giveaway.


Watermelon Ball

Entrants must be 18 or older and US residents.  This giveaway is sponsored by PlaSmart if for some reason they are unable to send the prize Parenting In Progress is not responsible for sending a prize.

Learn more on the PlaSmart Website!

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