15 Scariest Places in Oklahoma


#15 Briggs Hall-Enid, Oklahoma

The dorm mother of Briggs Hall continues to live on within the building, playing the piano, singing, and wondering around the complex as if she never left.

Built in 1906 as part of Phillips University as a women’s dorm, Briggs Hall has housed many students over the years.  In the 1980’s it was closed down due to being condemned the building set dormant for several years until being renovated into low income apartments.  Current residents of the building report that they have seen apparitions of a women walking around the complex.  There are also reports of sounds especially piano playing and signing.  It is rumored that the dorm mother often played the piano and sang to the girls in the dorm.


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29 thoughts on “15 Scariest Places in Oklahoma

  1. Being a born and raised Okie I am very very happy I’ve never actually been to any of these places! However, it doesn’t make me feel comfortable knowing that #1 is in my city!! :o!!! Loved reading though! 🙂


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