15 Scariest Places in Oklahoma


#14 Hex House-Tulsa, Oklahoma

Hypnotism, Mesmerism, and spells await you at the Hex house of Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Hex house was discovered in 1944 when a small casket was found by police in the back yard of a small house in Tulsa.  Inside the casket were two women (still alive) rumored to be under some kind of spell.  Court documents coming from the trial that ensued after the discovery against the owner of the home Carolan Smith contained testimony from the two women that details horrible conditions that they were kept in.  The women reported that Smith cast spells on them that left them hypnotized and mesmerized compelling them into doing everything she asked including giving her all of their money.  Smith kept the women in a small unheated basement where they often went without eating, without bathing, and wore rags for clothing.  They were not given beds and reported sleeping on the ground with no blankets.  Smith on the other hand lived in the lap of luxury.  The women reported that they believed Smith would deliver them to the “promised land” and believed that following her orders would lead them to a better life.

The original house was torn down and the current location houses an apartment building. However, reports from residents include sounds, apparitions, and feelings of being under a trance.  There is even a haunted attraction for adults in Tulsa that uses the legend of this house as inspiration for their attraction and is even called Hex House.


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