15 Scariest Places in Oklahoma


#5 Camp Red Rock-Binger, Oklahoma

When you camp at Camp Red Rock you may have some extra tent guests you were not expecting.

Camp Red Rock was established in 1946 and served as one of the main camp grounds for the Oklahoma Girl Scouts council all way through 2010 when it was shut down due to budget cuts.  You would think that a camp that was full of fun-loving Girl Scouts couldn’t possibly be haunted but you would be wrong.

In the summer 0f 1977 three young girl scouts between the ages of 8-10 were taken from a tent in the middle of the night.  They were later found on a trail by counselors raped and murdered.  The murders still go unsolved to this day.  There was a man charged and found guilty but he was latter acquitted of the charges leaving it an unsolved case.

Campers at Red Rock have reported strange sounds, cries, and apparitions of the three girls being seen near the showers where they were found on the trail.





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