15 Scariest Places in Oklahoma


#4 Dominion House-Guthrie, Oklahoma

Make sure to be on your best behavior when visiting Dominion House or you may summon the spirit of the abusive staff from the past.

Located in Guthrie, Oklahoma Dominion house was built in the 1920’s as an orphanage for children to offer refuge to orphans of the time.  Many considered Dominion house to be a safe haven and from the outside looked like a great refuge featuring schooling, meals, and even a pool for the residents.  However after it’s closing in 1978 many reports started to emerge of the poor treatment of the children by staff members, one caregiver in particular was especially mean and abusive to the children.  In fact there are reports that she beat a six year old girl to her death.  The staff member out of fear of consequences took her own life by jumping from the bell tower.

Many have reported hearing and seeing strange things in and around Dominion house.  When it was renovated in 2000 construction workers reported many strange events including strange sounds, apparitions of children and caregivers, and a shadowy figure in the bell tower. Many have also reported sounds of children crying and screaming coming from the building.



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