15 Scariest Places in Oklahoma


#3 Brady Theatre-Tulsa, Oklahoma

Catch a show at the Brady Theatre and you might see more then you expect, spirits from the race riots in Tulsa just may make an appearance.

The Brady Theatre, located in Tulsa was built in 1914.  The Brady has served the community for a century as a convention center and a beacon for the arts.  In fact it is still in operation today as a convention hall and hosts many events every year.

The Brady was not only  used as a convention center though.  During the 1921 race riots in Tulsa the Brady was used to house African Americans to provide them with safety.  However, many say that safety was not the main priority that in fact many African Americans may have lost their lives while in the Brady Theatre.  There are photos that have emerged of citizens being marched to the Brady by gunpoint with their hands in the air as if they were prisoners not victims.  Dr. Jackson was murdered during the march to the Brady Theatre and there was another young man who died by the front doors.  Nothing is known about what occurred inside the Brady Theatre once the doors were closed.  When the riots were all done there were 300 people unaccounted for and many believe that several lost their lives inside the Brady Theatre.

Not only is the Brady said to be haunted by the victims of the race riots there is also rumors of the spirit of a past performer from the Brady that continues to stick around.  An actor named Enrico Caniso who performed at the Brady in the 1920’s caught a cold while performing there that led to his death.  Many have reported seeing his apparition in the Brady Theatre.

Visitors of the Brady Theatre report strange sounds, voices, screams from what sounds like a group of people (many believe residual sounds from the race riots), and apparitions.


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