15 Scariest Places in Oklahoma


#2 Western State Hospital-Fort Supply, Oklahoma

A stay in the mental hospital at Western State may leave you in a worse mental state then when you went in with all the spirits of past patients and staff wondering the halls.

Built in 1868 the building was used by the government as a supply camp.  In 1895 it was turned over to the department of the interior and turned into the very first mental hospital in the state of Oklahoma.  It still operates as a mental hospital and also housed William S. Keys correctional facility until 2009.

Thousands of deaths have been reported in the hospital during it’s more then a century of use.  Treatments in the early 1900’s in mental hospitals were often unethical and have since been found to be inhumane and cruel in many cases.  These treatments were used at Western state and included shock therapy, lobotomies, blood letting, and hydro therapy that included sitting in very hot water for hours on end.  Obviously these questionable and brutal treatments led to the death of several patients.

Current residents and employees report very active spirits in the building.  Reports of strange sounds, voices, screams, cries, and apparitions of patients and staff are common.  One prisoner at the correctional center reported to the staff there seeing a nurse walk by his cell on an almost daily basis during his stay.






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