15 Scariest Places in Oklahoma


#1 The Skirvon Hotel-Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Book a stay at the Skirvon Hotel and you may have an extra guest stop by, just don’t expect to get much sleep.

The Skirvon hotel originally opened in 1911 and contained 224 rooms.  It closed in 1988 and stayed vacant until 2007.  In 2007 the city decided to renovate the hotel and expanded it to 525 rooms.  It is currently in operation now but many patrons report some strange activities during their visits to the hotel.

Reportedly the original founder W.B. Skirvon had an affair with one of the maids of the hotel that led to the women becoming pregnant.  Skirvon, a married man, was worried about the consequences of this affair and child so he locked the women in a room on the 10th floor.  The women went on to give birth in the room.  After being locked up for an unknown amount of time the women became so desperate to escape that she jumped while holding the baby from the window leading to both of their deaths.  Many believe that even though she escaped the room her spirit never left.

Guests have reported apparitions of a nude women walking the halls of the Skirvon.  Male guests report being propositioned by a women’s voice while in their rooms.  There was even one man who claimed that he was sexually assaulted by an invisible women during his stay. Many report seeing objects move, footsteps, and doors slamming.

The women also seems to have an affinity for pro basketball players.  The New York Knicks while staying in the hotel for their upcoming game with the Thunder blamed their loss on being kept up all night by noises and slamming doors in the hotel.  The Chicago Bulls also reported slamming doors and strange sounds during their stay.  Kyrie Irving from the Cleveland Cavaliers reported being kept up all night being bitten by bed bugs and even had to leave the game early due to exhaustion and lack of sleep.  No bed bugs were found in the room when it was investigated.


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