15 Scariest Places in Oklahoma


#12 Cry Baby Bridge-Oklahoma

Follow the sounds of the crying baby and you just might see the apparition of the mother in white.

The location of cry baby bridge in Oklahoma sparks a lot of debate, there are reports of a bridge in McAlaster, Moore, Norman, and even Kellyville.  Not to mention the reports of a very similar story in several other states. In fact the story is so popular that it is consider an urban legend and was even used as inspiration for an episode of the popular TV show Supernatural.

The story is usually set in the 1920’s when horse and carriages were still popular means of transportation in Oklahoma.  Reportedly sometime in the early 1900’s a women was crossing a bridge with her child during a stormy night.  The high winds caused the baby to fall from the carriage when she crossed the bridge.  The mother while searching for the baby by following it’s cries fell off of the bridge to meet her own death.  There are reports from many motorists on these bridges that report seeing a women in white, hearing the sounds of a baby crying, and hearing the sounds of a women calling for her child or crying.  These activities seem to be more common on stormy nights.