15 Scariest Places in Oklahoma


#9 The Purple Church-Spencer, Oklahoma

Animal sacrifices and signs of Satanic worship make The Purple Church a beacon for odd happenings.

Located in a rural wooded area near Spencer, Oklahoma the purple church is actually just a cement cellar that many believe was once attached to a church or maybe a small rural home.  This is why many refer to it as the purple church. The  cellar drew attention when several remains were found near the cellar leading many to believe that animal sacrifices were being conducted in and around the structure.  Inside the cellar are several Satanic images such as pentagrams painted on the walls and on a small table located inside the cellar.

Many report odd happenings in and around the cellar including disembodied voices, sounds, and objects moving on their own.  Many believe that years of use by Satanic worshipers for ceremonies have left behind some demonic spirits that are behind the strange sounds and poltergeist activity.


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