15 Scariest Places in Oklahoma


#8 The Cherokee Strip Museum-Alva, Oklahoma

Visit The Cherokee Strip Museum and you just might run into an apparition of one of the previous patients of the hospital or prisoners from the POW camp.

Located in Alva, Oklahoma The Cherokee Strip Museum was established as a museum in 1961 and houses artifacts from the WWII POW camp that was located in the area.  A small one room school house is also situated on the grounds of the museum as well as a variety of other artifacts.

The building prior to being used as a museum housed the towns hospital.  Many patients unfortunately met their end inside the building and many report they live on today.  In fact there are many reports of an apparition who aggressively reveals itself in the old surgery room.  Many believe the apparition is of a patient who did not make it through surgery.

Not only do past patients seem to make appearances there have been reports and even recordings of eerie EVP’s in the building.  One in particular can be seen on YouTube that is recorded near some Nazi artifacts and very clearly records the phrase “kill her”.  EVP’s and apparitions are a very common experience in the building and on the grounds around the old school house.   Still open to the public today as a POW camp museum.


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