15 Scariest Places in Oklahoma


#6 Fort Reno-El Reno, Oklahoma

Visit Fort Reno today and you just might catch a glimpse of one of the POW camp residents who still live on there today.

Built in the late 1800’s as a military camp during the Indian War, Fort Reno is situated in El Reno, Oklahoma.  It later became a POW camp for German soldiers during WWII.  In operation for over a century Fort Reno has seen a fair amount of deaths during it’s operations.

Visitors of Fort Reno report strange sounds. apparitions, footsteps, sounds, and temperature changes.  One famous apparition is of a spirit believed to be a man named Ben Clark who is often seen in the window of the chapel on the grounds, he has even been photographed.

There is currently a ghost tour that escorts visitors around the grounds.  They report that they have developed good relationships with the spirits of Fort Reno and can count on them to make appearances during their tours.