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So I have to mention that I LOVE Halloween.  It is one of my favorite holidays.  So we kind of celebrate Halloween all month long.  As you might have guessed from my Halloween Zone being featured on the blog.  So when I set down to decide what I wanted to do with my October layouts of course I decided to do a Halloween theme for the entire month.  I found some adorable washi tape and stickers on Amazon & walmart (I’ll try to put links at the bottom) and I just had a ton of fun putting them together.


I started out with a fun little monthly calendar.  I know a lot of people do a monthly layout but I never use mine so I find that it’s a waste of space in my journal.  However I do like to have a month to glance at so I thought these little hand drawn pumpkins would be fun.

Then I moved onto my weekly layouts.  I really like having a congruent look so I like to do them where they look pretty much the same just a few changes here or there.  I had a blast using my stickers to decorate these pages.  I added some cute little ghost sticky notes I found on Amazon for my notes and shopping lists.  Super cute.

I hope you enjoy these layouts.  Maybe they will give you some inspiration for your own layouts this month.  I am also doing a fun doodle challenge this month for scary movies.  Can’t wait to get started. Please join me!

Go to the challenge page by clicking on the image:


Supplies Used in Layouts:

stickynotesSticky Notes I found on Amazon!  They are super cute. You get a set of medium sized sticky notes and then five of the little tabs that look like ghosts.  Fine them here!




halloweenwashiI love this Halloween washi tape.  So cute for boarders.  You can find it on Amazon here!





stickers1I love these bright colored stickers.  Really added to my pages.  Find them on Amazon here!






washitape1I am in love with these washi tapes.  I think you could use them for a variety of themes but I loved the purple and orange color combo for Halloween.  Found it on Amazon here!




pumpkinstickersI found these at Walmart in the stationary department by the cards.  You can also find them online here.






The other two sticker sets I used I can not find online but I got them in the walmart stationary department.  The brand is American Greeting.