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Love these little treat bags from Decora.  A great way to carry all your kiddos treats on Halloween night.  They have several different designs to choose from.  Get one on Amazon for only $8.28!



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hairclipsThese are so super cool!  They are fiber optic lights that come with a little clip you can just clip right onto your hair.  Then you can braid them into your hair or you can just let them flow and blend into your hair.  They light up all different colors and look so cool especially at night. This is what we are giving away at our house this year for Halloween instead of candy.  You get 12 of them in a package and it’s super cheap only $12 so $1 a piece!! So excited we found them. You can get them on Amazon.



These are super adorable and cute.  They are all fun Halloween themed rings. We got a skeleton, scream face, pumpkin, eyeball, bat, and something that was green that we couldn’t figure out exactly. However each one lights up with different colored lights and are super fun and bright. My daughter likes to put them all on and wear them around. Will be fun on Halloween night in the dark. Great idea to give out for treats to the kids instead of candy. You can get them on Amazon! They are only $6.99 for five of them. I received this item complimentary for my honest review.


We are in love with these super cool necklaces.  They are just like the rings that we got from SoFou (listed right above this).  You get six of them in a package.  Each one is a different design.  The closure on them are super easy to snap so kids can do them themselves.  They have three light up settings (fast, medium, slow).  They light up colorful and they are just a lot of fun.  My daughter loves them and we are using them for treats to hand out this year!! Very neat.  Find them on Amazon! They are only $8.99 for 6 of them.
Halloween cards, mailed for you. Shop now at Postable.comGet 12% off Halloween cards from by using code “TRICKORTREAT” between 10/1/16-10/12/16!  Shop here!
Disclosure: I received this item complimentary for my honest review. However, I only recommend products I truly love and use to my readers.


Make sure to grab a Color Me! Halloween Gift Set from Eleni’s New York.  Lots of Halloween cookie decorating fun for the family.  With pre-made iced cookies they make it super easy to have a quick Halloween/Fall activity for the kids.

Find them at Eleni’s New York!

Only $39.95 for this set that includes 12 pre-made and iced cookies (ghosts and pumpkins) and five markers with edible ink.

Disclosure: I received this item complimentary for my honest review. However, I only recommend products I truly love and use to my readers.  The link above is an affiliate link and if you choose to purchase by clicking on the link above I will earn a commission from the sale.

coverTrick all of your friends this Halloween with this awesome trick mug from Creature Cups!  You can get a spider, skull, or even an octopus.  Make it seem like you are being super nice by bringing them a cup of coffee and then watch them scream when they tip it up to take a drink!

So funny! If you are more into the tricks of Halloween then this is a must have for you!

Read our full review Here, and visit CreatureCup to buy one today!